BTS 1850: Introduction to the Bible (Willitts)

Finding Books

Searching the Brandel Library Online Catalog

  • Use the Brandel LIbrary online catalog to find items in the Brandel Library. 
  • You can expand your search to find and order items from other Illinois academic libraries as well (see the box to the right for instructions). 
  • Catalog Search Tips
    • The Brandel Library website includes a single search box on the home page, using a keyword search of everything in all formats in our collections.
    • For more precise searches, click on the "Brandel Catalog" tab at the center of the page. This will bring you to the Library catalog with a variety of search options.
    • The default search setting for the search box on the catalog page is keyword, which will retrieve the records that mention your search term somewhere in the catalog record for the book.
    • The drop-down menu offers more precise search options: title, author, and subject.
    • Title and author (last name, then first name) are most useful when you know part or all of either of those pieces of information about the item you want.
    • Subject searching will help you identify resources that address your subject in a significant way (rather than mentioning it in passing).
      • Enter the specific terms of your subject and the related terms and phrases that the reference work articles identified for you.
    • For a more detailed search using limiters that will specify your search and allow you to enter more than search one term or phrase at a time, click on "Advanced Search" below the drop-down box.
      • You can specify dates, formats, publishers, language, and other item information to include or exclude options.
    • These more detailed limiters can also be applied after you have searched, by clicking on the various facets on the right hand side of the screen that provides your search results.


  • If you would like to search for items in the approximately 90 I-Share libraries, click on the "I-Share Search" at the top of the Brandel Library Home Page." 
  • You can order items from other I-Share libraries free of charge.
    • ‚ÄčYou will need to create an I-Share account (which is not the same as your NPU Brandel account) and establish a username and password (which does not need to be your NPU username and password).
    • An I-Share account can be created by clicking on the "create a new account" tab on the screen that appears when you attempt to request a book.
  • Books ordered through the I-Share catalog may arrive in 4-5 days, but most arrive within 7-14 days.
    • You will receive an email from Brandel Library when they arrive.
    • You can renew most items online through the catalog.  


Search for books from thousands of libraries worldwide and have them delivered to you here at North Park. This service is free to all North Park students, faculty, and staff. Because these items are coming from out of state they may take longer to arrive than I-Share items.