Using the Library in Online Learning

As an online instructor, you can bring the library to your students by embedding our online resources and services into your courses.

The Library's Online Collections

The library's substantial online collections include journals, e-books, streaming video, encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers, historical photographs, and more. You can include any of these materials in your courses at no additional cost to the school or to your students. 

Finding Materials

Featured Online Resources

Using E-Books

Using our e-books as course texts can be a great way to save your students money. However, there are two things you should be aware of before doing so:

  • Most of our e-books are only licensed for use by one person at a time. Contact your library liaison if there's an e-book you'd like to use in a course so that we can upgrade to an unlimited license.
  • Students will need to install e-reader software to use our e-books. See our guide to using e-books for step-by-step instructions.

Getting Full Text Articles

The Brandel Library can often provide a link directly to the PDF of the article you need. After searching a library database, links with the phrase "Full Text" should all resolve to the PDF of the article.

Some of the time, however, the library won't have access to the full text of the article. In those cases, you will need to use the "Request via WorldShare Interlibrary Loan" link to request the article. The WorldShare Interlibrary Loan service is free to students and most articles arrive within 4 days.