NURS 2100: Survey of Professional Nursing

Evidence Based Practice Articles

Assignment 1: Evidence Based Practice Evaluation

The objective of the Evidence Based Practice Evaluation Assignment is to attain a foundational level of evidence based practice research skills. 

Step 1: Choose a topic from the assigned list.
Step 2: Conduct a literature search for evidence based practice articles.
  • You will need to select 4 articles with different levels of evidence and complete the level of evidence grid.
  • One source may be a non-nursing journal.
  • The other 4 sources must be from a peer-reviewed nursing journal.
Step 3: Analyze the objective parts of the article (methods, results, etc) to determine the level of evidence and write your rationale.

Where can I find Evidence Based Practice articles?

Use the following databases to find articles that are based on evidence. Remember to click the "Evidence-Based Practice/EBP or EBM" box.

Assignment Topic List

1.      Nurse Burnout/Staff Turnover

2.      Medication Errors

3.      Patient Satisfaction

4.      Pain Management

5.      Patient Centered-Care

6.      Culturally Congruent Care

7.      Interprofessional Collaboration

8.      Nursing Students and Stress

9.      Technology and Nursing

10. Patient Confidentiality

11. Hospital Falls