HSTY 7300: History and Theology of the Covenant Church


Lutheran Pietism

The Swedish Mission Friends and Mission Covenant were both part of Lutheran Pietism, so understanding the North Park and the ECC requires an understanding of that wing of the Pietist movement.

Covenant Year Books


  • Yearbooks have appeared throughout the history of the Covenant in America, first in Swedish and after 1932 in English.
  • The names of the yearbooks have varied rather widely and, in the early years, inconsistently.
  • Searching under “Covenant Yearbook” in the catalog will retrieve the several English versions.
  • Searching Årsberättelse (annual report) will retrieve the earlier Swedish versions.
  • The Yearbooks contain a variety of content, including reports from local congregations, mission fields, schools, and benevolent institutions.
  • They also include reports on membership, finances, and ordinations.

Histories of the Covenant