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Community Area Health Inventory

The Community Area Health Inventories are well-organized reports released by the Chicago Department of Public Health organized by neighborhood.

Note: Because these are older reports they should be only used for comparison.

Chicago Health Reports/Publications

The Chicago Plan (2012-2016)
A five-year plan for strengthening the health of the city.

Healthy Chicago Annual Report (2013)
A report outlining the city's public health agenda.

Chicago Hospitals and the Affordable Care Act
Identifies the key priorities of selected Chicago Hospitals based on their Community Needs Assessments.

Life Expectancy in Chicago 1990 - 2001
Life expectancy at birth in Chicago from 1990 - 2001. Identifies the differences in life expectancy among sexes, racial-ethnic groups, and community areas.

Click here to access additional reports published by the Chicago Department of Public Health.


Helpful Tip

If you are viewing a lengthy report or webpage and want to find information on a particular neighborhood or group, use the CTRL+ F (pc) or CMD + F (mac)  keys on your keyboard and type in the term that you are searching for. Use the arrow keys (up and down) to find everywhere the word appears throughout the document.

Sinai Urban Health Institute


The Sinai Urban Health Institute is a Chicago organization that addresses urban health issues through data-driven research.  Click on "reports/publications" for current information on issues such as diabetes and obesity.