Brandel Library

FAQ: Library Services During COVID-19

For Students

Borrowing Policies

What should I do if I have a North Park library book?
The best option is to keep the book until the campus opens. You will not be charged any fines for overdue books during the pandemic. Once the campus opens you can return the books. If you have left the area until next semester you can return books in the fall. If you are leaving the area with no plans to return, you may return library material to the North Park Security Office in Magnuson Campus Center and they will get the book to the library. 

What should I do if I have an I-Share book?
Please keep the book until our campus is open and then return it to the library. I-Share is not charging fines during this time and the library will work with the lending library to ensure that no penalties accrue to you. If you plan on leaving the area, you should return your IShare books to North Park Security in Magnuson Campus Center and they will return it to the library.

Help, I need a library or I-Share book, what should I do?
Please contact the library at We are actively monitoring that account during the closure and will work with you to see if we can provide access to the book or access to similar information in an online source.

Can the library provide students with computers to take online classes?
Yes, the library has a limited number of laptops and can check them out for off-campus use during the campus closure. These computers are for students who do not have home access to a computer. Qualifying students can contact the library at and we will make an appointment to meet them at the library.

Building Access

When will the library be open? 
The library will re-open as soon as it is safe to do so. For the latest update on access to the campus please see the North Park COVID-19 information page.

I need access to a textbook/book/movie that is inside the library. Is there a way for me to access it?
Please contact the library at and specify what you need. We will do our best to meet your need as quickly and completely as we can. Please understand that our overriding commitment to the health of our community may prevent us from providing access to items that the library owns. 

Research Help

Can students still get help with a research project?  
Absolutely! Our research librarians are available to meet with students remotely. Here's how to get in touch: 

  Librarian for.... Contact Info
Evan Kuehn School of Business; School of Health Sciences; School of Education
Katie Maier-O'Shea School of Professional Studies
Sarah Thorngate Division of Humanities and Social Sciences; Division of Sciences; School of Music, Art, and Theater; CORE Curriculum
Steve Spencer Seminary; Biblical and Theological Studies

What if I just have a quick question? 
Use our "Ask a Librarian" chat service (9 a.m. to 7 p.m M-F) or email your question to

Is the Writing Center available? 
Writing Advisors are able to meet with you remotely. See the Writing Center's website for more information. 

Online Resources (journals, e-books, streaming media, and more)

Is there an electronic copy of the book I need?
If you are having trouble locating an e-book copy of your textbook or other book, please email with the title of the book and we will try to help you find it, or something equivalent. 

What multimedia does the library have access to?
Here is a list of all of our resources with multimedia content

Interlibrary Loan

Can I request physical items (books, DVDs, etc) through ILL? 
Unfortunately we are not able to provide interlibrary loan for physical items while the library building is closed to the public. This includes both IShare and Worldshare requests. If you need a book that you would normally access this way, please email with the title of the book and we will try to help you find it, or something equivalent. Please email with any questions.

Can I request articles through ILL? 
Yes! We are still able to handle electronic requests, which includes articles as well as book chapters. Please be aware when you place the request, though, that many libraries have limited services available right now, so it may take us a little longer than normal to find the resources you need. Please email with any questions.