For the final project for this class, you will be writing a paper about one of the films from your course textbook. Your analysis will need to be well researched, incorporating several types of information. This guide points you towards resources that will help you find the sources you need for this assignment. 



Historical Context

  • Scholarly books
  • Encylopedias

Recommended Search Tools: library catalog; Gale Virtual Reference Library

Film Criticism and Scholarly Analysis

  • DVD liner notes
  • Magazine article
  • Scholarly articles
  • Chapters from scholarly books
  • Scholarly books

Recommended Search Tools: library catalog; JSTOR; MLA

Biographical Information

  • Biographies of director, actor, 
  • IMDB profile 
  • Encyclopedia articles

Recommended Search Tools: library catalog; Gale Virtual Reference Library; google

Film Reviews

  • contemporary reviews (in newspapers usually)

Recommended Search Tools: Metacritic; Nexis Uni; "Find a Journal by Title" tool