Learn Key Features

Add Items to Your Zotero Library

Once Zotero is installed, you'll see an icon in the top right corner of your browser window (Firefox) or your address bar (Chrome) whenever you're on a page with source that can be added to Zotero. Find one of each of the following items and add it to Zotero:

  • a book 
  • a journal article
  • a newspaper article
  • a website

You can also add items to Zotero manually via the New Item menu.

To add a file to an existing Zotero item, drag and drop from your computer to the Zotero item.

Create Collections

Select the New Collection menu to create a collection. Drag and drop items from your library into the collection. 

Add Notes

Right click on any item in your library to add a note. Zotero will store your note as an attachment to that item.