The Assignment

Write a four to six page research paper on a selected topic in twentieth century U.S. history portrayed in the film Forrest Gump (1994). This paper will incorporate primary, secondary, and tertiary source research.

Successful research papers will present coherent arguments stemming from a clearly articulated thesis statement.

Your research paper should be four to six pages in length (double-spaced, typewritten in Times New Roman 12-point font or similar). There is no need for a title page and you should use footnotes to cite your sources.

This is your only formal writing assignment and appropriate structure, style, and grammar matter.


Elvis Presley and impact on popular culture

Watergate Scandal

Soldier’s experience of Vietnam War

Civil Rights Movement (desegregation of schools- University of Alabama, Ole Miss, and Little Rock 9) (SNCC) (Freedom Rides/Freedom Summer)

The March on Washington (Vietnam protest)

HIV/AIDS outbreak

Apple (computers)

Ping-pong diplomacy

Hippie Movement

Neil Armstrong/Space Race