BSE 2310: Foundations of Finance

Community Information

Chicago Community Areas

General information about Chicago community areas.


Data and reports about Chicago area public schools.

Health and Wellness

Information about health and wellness.

Crime and Safety

Information about crime, safety, and sources of protection.

Encyclopedia of Chicago (Print)

Historical Information

Helpful Maps

Use these maps to locate resources and public instiutions.

CTA Ridership Data

More about your community

Community Organizations
Does your community have a community association, commerce group or newspaper? Search Google for [your community] AND IL AND association. Other terms you can use include: organization, chamber, council or alliance. These organizations may show you what are the concerns and strengths of the community may be.

Wards and Aldermen
Many wards and aldermen have their own webpages or facebook pages.  They will give news about events and news (and what they are are doing that their constituents want).  Check these out.  Be sure you get the official webpages, not third party pages about the wards or aldermen.  To see what wards or aldermen are in your community: