THEO 5110: Christian Theology

Diverse Theological Resources

Finding Diversity Authors and Sources

  • A useful approach is to search in the catalog and the ATLA Religion Database for your subject or relevant biblical passages, looking under the authors for women, persons of color, ethnic diversity, etc.
    • Sometimes the name alone can indicate a diverse ethnicity, sometimes you may need to search the name, looking at faculty webpages, publisher webpages, etc., for information about the person's ethnicity or cultural background.
  • Another option is to use some of the suggested terms in the boxes on this page.
    • They may be used alone or in conjunction with your subject terms.
    • These will retrieve books from and/or about that theological perspective, some of which may address your subject.
    • These sources will also include footnotes and bibliography that refer you to other potentially useful authors or sources.
  • Another option is to search the contributors to volumes with diverse authors, then search by their name in the catalog and ATLA Religion Database.
  • While it may be ideal in some cases to find a woman of color for your research, you may need to use a woman who is not of color and then another source who is a male of color.
  • You should note what subjects have fewer scholarly contributions from women or persons of color and ask why that is. 
    • In some cases it has been because of denial of opportunities to such scholars.
    • In other cases, it may reflect the relative significance of the question for scholarship of color or women, itself a noteworthy point. Why is it so much more important to scholars not of color, but not to scholars of color or women?
  • Also see this blog post with an extended list of women scholars of biblical, theological, or religious studies:

Diverse Ethnicities

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