Brandel Library

BTS 3910 / NPD 3000: Political Theologies (Veeneman)

Finding Books

Searching for Political Theologies in the Catalog

  • Some of the search terms for these theologies are obvious, while others are not.
  • "Liberation theology," "Black theology," "Feminist theology," and "Womanist theology " are all subject terms in Brandel Library online catalog.
  • "Catholic social teaching" is not, however.
    • You can search for that  as a keyword phrase and find relevant articles in the catalog. 
    • You can also search the subject heading phrases "Christian sociology -- Catholic Church" and "Catholic Church -- Sociology. These are broader than "Catholic social teaching," but include the items that discuss that perspective.


Search for books from thousands of libraries worldwide and have them delivered to you here at North Park. This service is free to all North Park students, faculty, and staff. Because these items are coming from out of state they may take longer to arrive than I-Share items.


  • If you would like to search for items in the approximately 90 I-Share libraries, click on the "I-Share Search" at the top of the Brandel Library Home Page." 
  • You can order items from other I-Share libraries free of charge.
    • You will need to create an I-Share account (which is not the same as your NPU Brandel account) and establish a username and password (which does not need to be your NPU username and password).
    • An I-Share account can be created by clicking on the "create a new account" tab on the screen that appears when you attempt to request a book.
  • Books ordered through the I-Share catalog may arrive in 4-5 days, but most arrive within 7-14 days.
    • You will receive an email from Brandel Library when they arrive.
    • You can renew most items online through the catalog.