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CORE 3000: Korean Media & Popular Culture

Korean Culture Sources

Korean Media & Pop Culture

Use sources on this page to identify and investigate a case study topic related to Korean media and pop culture.  Act as a virtual ethnographer, selecting a specific case to follow and observe.  You may explore a cultural, media-related phenomenon or an audience group. 

Korean Shows & Movie Streaming

Links provided highlight platforms for viewing Korean shows and films.  These sites require subscription access, which is not provided through North Park University.

Ethnographic Research Tip

While researching, try to understand your selected topic from an insider's perspective, rather than judging it from an outsider's perspective.

If you conduct ethnographic research of an online community, position yourself as a "participant observer" by actively participated in a community and critically observing it at the same time.  Dr. Kelsey has recommended an article to help guide this type of enthographic research.