CORE 3000: Literature and Liberation

Finding Sources

Find Books


Find Scholarly Articles

The interdisciplinary databases I've listed here will work for any of your topics. The library also has more specialized databases. I've sent individualized recommendations for each of your topics to Professor Pavlik, or you can browse the full list of the library's online resources.

Scholarly vs. Popular Sources

  Scholarly Article Popular Article Scholarly Book Popular Book
Author Scholar (usually with a Ph.D.) Journalist / Freelance Writer / Staff Writer Scholar (usually with a Ph.D.) Journalist / Writer 
Publisher Scholarly Journal Magazine / Website University Press Generalist Publisher
Intended Audience Other Scholars (this includes you!) General Public Other Scholars (this includes you!) General Public
Example Expuestas: Laborious Expectations and the Plight of Feminist Art in Contemporary Mexico  How NAFTA Explains the Two Mexicos  Transforming modernity: popular culture in Mexico  Midnight in Mexico : a reporter's journey through a country's descent into darkness