EXS 3010: Biomechanics (Cobb)

Citing Sources

AMA Manual of Style

Database Citation Feature

Most  databases have an automatic citation feature that will format your citation. Look for a button labeled "Cite" or "Export." Be sure to proofread the citation for style errors before copying and pasting into your bibliography.

For larger projects or group projects, you may find it useful to use a citation manager like Zotero, which helps to organize citation details, PDFs, and notes, and will format citations for you. You can find a detailed guide to installing and using Zotero here

American Medical Association (AMA) Style Guides

Writing Help

Having trouble with getting started on your paper? Not sure if your in-text citations are correct? Would you like your paper edited before turning it in?  The Writing Center is available to help! For more information, click here.