Brandel Library


Primary & Secondary Sources

Primary Sources

  • First-hand information.

  • Created during the time being studied.

  • For works from an earlier time period, we use a recent edition of the primary source writings. The names of the editors of these editions may appear prominently, but should not be mistaken for the name of the author of the primary source.

Secondary Sources

  • Second-hand information.

  • Often analyze, interpret, or comment on primary sources, using other primary sources as well as other secondary sources.

  • These may be written by a single scholar 

Recommended References for Theologian Project

Your professor recommends the following volumes as excellent resources to begin your research of your assigned theologian and as a source for further secondary sources. They are in the Reference Collection on the first floor.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

The Christian Classics Ethereal Library provides access to the full text of older texts such as the writings of saints.