Brandel Library

HIST 2210: World History since 1500 (Johnson)

Background Information

Start your research with reference sources

Reference sources can provide a general overview of a topic. They are good for finding facts and definitions, overviews of topics, and additional sources of information. Use reference resources for background, vocabulary, and context.

There are many types of references such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, and more. The library has a print (located on the 1st floor) and online reference collection. 

Online Reference Sources

Use Advanced Content!

Better sources have:

  • More than 1 page
  • Cited references
  • Bibliography
  • Named author

Sources that are only 1 page and/or are not directly about your topic are not appropriate to cite for this assignment.

Why use reference sources?

Reference sources can help you jumpstart your research project by:

  • providing a quick overview of a topic,
  • identifying key questions that can shape your research,
  • pointing you towards other sources on the topic.

Check the bibliography

Reference sources typically end with a bibliography or works cited, which you can use to find key books and articles on your topic.