Brandel Library

BTS 1850: Introduction to the Bible (Nassif)



  • Concordances list the occurrences of words in the Bible.
  • These are usually focused on one language (Hebrew, Greek) or a specific translation of the the Bible. Brandel Library has English concordances for many of the widely used translations.
  • Here is the concordance for the New Living Translation (NLT).


  • When you identify key words in the Letter of James, you can search their occurrences in the entire letter.
  • This allows you to examine
    • patterns of usage (do all or most of the occurrences appear in a certain passage? in several key passages? or throughout the letter as a theme?)
    • or relationships
      • to other words (is the word used in in conjunction or contrast to another?)
      • and to usages in related books of the New Testament
      • or by related authors (does other NT writer(s) use the same word in similar ways? or different ways?).



Online Concordance

  • Bible Gateway is an online resource that can function as a concordance. 
  • It allows you to search for specific words in the text and provides the full-text of many different translations of the Bible, including the New Living Translation.
  • Select the NLT from the drop-down list of translations and enter your passage in the search box.