Brandel Library

GS 2080:Connor/Westerman/Alex

This research guide is an excellent starting place to begin finding scholarly resources for your final 2080 research paper.

Finding Articles

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Scholarly VS Popular

Use the following criteria to decide if a publication is popular or scholarly.

Scholarly journal articles are generally:

  • written by experts in the field for an informed reader
  • followed by a bibliography
  • include the credentials of the author (s)

Popular magazine articles are often:

  • written by staff reporters
  • shorter in length
  • aimed at the general public
  • Example: Time Magazine

Finding full text...

When a database article is not full-text, the "Find Full Text" box will appear.  Click on this box for ways to access the article such as:

  • Linking to the full-text in another database
  • Looking in the IShare catalog for the print version in the Brandel or other library or
  • Ordering the article through interlibrary loan

If you select the interlibrary loan option, an order form will appear.  Just enter your name, email address, and the number over the barcode on the back of your ID.  The article will be emailed to you for free as a PDF.