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MUS 2050: Contemporary American Popular Music

Finding Sources

Finding Sources

Potential Sources for Contemporary Music Research

  • articles in periodicals
  • encyclopedias (depending on how famous or recent the artist is)
  • album liner notes
  • reviews
  • interviews
  • official artist websites
  • discographies

Evaluating Sources


  • When was this item published?
  • Is this current enough for your topic?


  • Does the author support the argument with other sources?
  • Does the author provide you with the information you need to find those sources?


  • Who is the author, and what are his or her credentials?
  • Who is the publisher?

Purpose and Point of View

  • What is the purpose of this item (e.g., to persuade, to inform, to sell you something)?
  • Is the information objective or biased?
  • What is the author's point of view?

The CRAP test is not just for websites. Use it to evaluate any source of information you encounter.